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Leilah Publications is a publishing company for the 21st century, not the 20th.

Leilah Publications produces & invests in neoteric and visionary artists, writers, and musicians bringing an unconventional vision of art and literature.  The company chartered in 2008 to produce the works of renaissance and neoteric oriented artists, leading us into the 21st century for a new generation.

The focus of publishing and producing is to present a story, exhibit information, and form a connection between artist and audience. Leilah is innovative, integrating print media with paramedia technology. Leilah networks creative outreach to alternative media, internet radio, theatre troupes & stage performance, self-publishing, independent artists and galleries.

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We are accepting submissions for:

* Children’s books

* Fiction and Science-Fiction

* Theology, Metaphysical, and Religious Studies

* Paranormal

* Social Commentary

* Short film production

* Stage & Theatre screenplay & production

* History and Culture

Submissions must include:

One page business proposal & abstract
Printed manuscripts must be MS Word format
Art prints & illustrations accepted format: .jpeg, .pdf, psd., .pse., .png

Submit MP3/audio recordings, DVDs, CDs, manuscripts, abstracts & other media.

Leilah Publications accepts all formats of digital media including but not limited to, digital manuscripts and abstracts on CD/ROM, or DVD disk or external drive.

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