Leilah Publications is at the forefront of a visionary form of artistry; paramedia. Converging writing, painting, and music with new technologies and classic forms of media Leilah Publications leads a quantum leap of artistry into the 21st century. Both artist and bookseller stand at the vanguard of culture. Both struggle for something essentially impractical, unlucrative, and yet unspeakably necessary to culture. Leilah is not just a “publishing press.” We stand with domestic and international movements for social justice, and with a new generation of artists at home and abroad discovering not only new freedoms of expression, but new methods of expressing their art and visionary stories.  LEILAH is Hebrew and Arabic for ‘night,’ or ‘at night.’   Passion, heartache, death, curiosity, exhilaration, raw emotion, personal abandon, the paranormal, erotica, the conspiratorial, the spiritual – is what makes artistry worth the vision of a new generation.   A new generation of artists put their heart and soul into their works, and have lost their minds in the process.  Leilah conjoins traditional media and new technologies in a 21st century vision of artistry.



ISBN 9780982999295
Author: John F. Rychlicki III

The Obama era; neoliberalism, Obamanomics, Obamacare, the ‘Arab Spring’ revolutions, the 2008 &  2012 elections, social media and American culture, through the eyes of Generation X. Written by Generation X for Generation X.  John Rychlicki’s unapologetic social commentary on the shift in American culture between the 1980s and 2000s takes readers on a ride to find his lost generation and it’s culture, “Generation X.”  Rychlicki paints 21st century America as a dangerously disconnected society living in a virtual reality, where the divides between generations are hilariously but also tragically portrayed as Rychlicki recounts how music, film, and “life without the Internet” shaped his generation.

























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