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Mr. Hafnaoui Sid is an Algerian artist and author who has published his work with Amwaj Publishing. . Hafnaoui’s short stories have received recognition and acclaim in Jordan, Algeria, and Egypt. Hafnaoui Sid captivates audiences of all ages who gather to hear his moving tales. He is a renowned storyteller, and teacher of the fine arts. Tebessa Arts et Culture has honored and recognized Hafnaoui Sid in 2016 for his accomplishments in the fine arts and teaching.   “Nights of Algiers,” and “Nights of the Kasbah” are two collections of Hafnaoui Sid’s stories featuring “Love in the Valley of the Kings,” “Daya,” “The Two Wolves of the Mogollon Mountains,” “A Gift From Heaven,” “Queen of Nippur,” “The Last Train of the Night,” “Painter Courageous,” “Storm in the Pyramid” and many more! Nights of Algiers and Nights of the Kasbah present his stories in French, Arabic, and English translations for all to enjoy.

hafnaouiHafnaoui Sid was born on April1959, in Tébessa, Algeria; he is the eldest son of Laifa and Hafsia: his parents. Hafnaoui’s father, a railroad employee, was living in poverty when Hafnaoui was barely a year old. By the age 10, Hafnaoui found some old wet novels and kept them at home in a secret place. By the age of 19, the young man could  able to read all of them. Later, working as a teacher in a suburban school to help the family financially. He eventually moved to Arbell, a small city to teach Historical Background.

Hafnaoui made his first classes in his hometown, and frequented the indigenous Larbi Tébessi school- and then to Ben Badis  Arabic Medersa, before joining the Institute of Islamic  jurisprudence, to the outcome of four years of study, he obtained his Bachelor and studied law jurisprudence, then travelled to Nice, where he found a wide field to make better translations among middle east emigrant students, who got their  allocation of a scholarship, and who  were living and studying in Europe Universities, mainly in France.

His job did not prevent him from continuing his artistic activities by setting up the first structures and working with his friends, who made studies in art and did many art works. During that time, the artists’ movement in Algeria was making some steps, but only at the local level. In 1977, the National Union of Artists was formed to advance painters’ art works, throughout the country .Artists efforts created a lot of attention, but no change in the law. Frustrated , Hafnaoui and his friends who worked to create the Artists’ Union, formed with their cry : “Deeds, Not Words.” .The slogan would prove to be more than mere hyperbole.

Hafnaoui Sid, a contemporary Algerian writer and artist painter, during his lucky career,was a teacher of art, then wrote novels, a history of the Algerian Revolution, and some children’s books, in which he argues that artists are not naturally inferior to othrers,but appear to be weaker ,only because they lack consideration from others. He suggested in many newspaper articles where he used to write about cultural problems ,that both art and sciences should be treated as rational things.

In the early fifties, Hafnaoui Sid’s Grandfather, traveled to Naphtha Koran School in Tunisia, to learn Islamic rules ,and to discover Tajweed rules, and all the ways to pronounce the Islamic book, or recite them from their original pronunciation; coupled with their attributes: such as the extension – Madd -, merging – Idgham – conversion –Iqlab-, and pauses :Waqaf.

His grand-father learnt him later, how to read Alkoran verses, and how to interpret some of them. Tunisian Naphta oasis was the place from where Hafnaoui took his first Islamic knowledge ,during the occupation of Algeria, under power of French troops, during that time, all schools were forbidden and shut.

Arabic school mission coming from Tunisia, was just to serve the Muslim community by giving means of learning how to read and write, and improve memorizing the Koran, Sala , Kalima, Hadeeth and Dua.  The position in Paradise is determined by the amount of verses you memorize in this life. His grand-father told him that :  The Koran will be a test for us, on the Day of Judgment.

Hafnaoui Sid witnessing a real and credible direct testimony of the war in Algeria, he lived in a real historical document, especially since he had the chance to meet the authors of the victory of the war who told stories of their struggle against the French occupiers. The writings of this author do not reflect the atmosphere of the great battle of liberation, but they tell us how he saw life in his hometown and among his neighbors, who had taught him, how people lived and how they defended their freedom. Nobody could make him much harm as seeing his parents lose their lives and their freedom.

Hafnaoui Sid is an artist of Leilah publications, who always tries to find way to talk to kings in their palaces and tries to find out how to discover their well-beloved love stories. The author makes them often cry so long. Hafnaoui met Queen Cleopatra the Great queen of all Egypt, and could know how to drive her Majesty till her hidden room in Alexandria City, where were sleeping all her deep secrets then could go into her secret room, and penetrated into her big fortress, then came to ask her to tell him what was her last wish before dying and what was her last desire before being caught in the act betraying the King.

Hafnaoui Sid wants to conduct you to the untold short stories never counted before and never told, utill now. After graduation and some junior college, he studied acting at the local Theatre Institute. His first written comedy papers motivated him to join the theater troupe where he played with comedians, with little second roles.  On the side, he nabbed little roles and translated some short movie stories for local theater amateurs and for interested people by the scene and by cinema movies in his native town :Tébessa City.  Tired of waiting for something substantial to happen on the career front, Hafnaoui Sid, has created his own style of writing; it was like his one-man show, and has written his best work of short stories, and invented the characters of his first collection of short stories special year 2014.

Amwaj Editions published in Jordan, the first miraculous short stories collections.  The following year, the chance of professional writer Sid Hafnaoui continued to benefit to help him and threw it in the hands of the publishing house: Leilah Publications, there he could find his freedom and put all his writing dreams in two nice short stories collections; called: Night of Algiers and, Nights of the Kasbah.  When the two collections will publish, the popular storyteller will have only one Dua to remember in his prayer, he will teld himself: Alhamdulillahi, Rabbi AL’Alamin!

Hafnaoui Sid is  a multilingual artist and writer, devoting himself first to the study of Islamic art and the Arabic calligraphy, he first met the classic art, in his hometown ,the crossed the passage of great theologian, who left in his mind keys of success and knew the first foundations of Islam. Hafnaoui was born in a poor family whose origins date back to the Amazigh Algéria. His primary teaching was delivered to him by a tutor Sheikh called : Larbi Tébessi ,he learned very young the third of Al Coran in 1984 he went to France to continue his studies and worked as a translator for Arab students living in Europe in that époque.

Hafnaoui met the charm of the French language and wrote his first short story.  In 1984 the artist went to college education to learn how to do his favorite job as  a teacher of English, and his long pilgrimage lasted, he then settled up northern Algeria, where he found his master of art who helped him to pursue the acquisition of artistic knowledge, until the rank of Professor of Arts and calligraphy.

On the way of his return to his hometown, he made a detour to Morocco, where he met the surprising beauty of the city of Fez, and enjoyed its beautiful craftsmanship and contemporary art, then knew writings and footsteps of the famous writer Mohammed Choukri author who wrote the famous novel : “Naked Bread,’  inspiring him to complete his novel “The Blind Bread” – the novel remained unedited..

In Tangier, the artist recognized his talent of researcher and carried out to study on northern Africa and became loyal to the Maghrebian literature, and did the translation of several works of Tunisian writers, as those of poet Belhoudi Moufida, Tunisian poetess, then began his literary mission after his artistic consciousness had matured and was influenced by the movement of the plastic art of which the Algerian artist Baya holds the top with several other artists such as Essiakhem, Khadda, Hocine Ziani and he went up to meet him in his painting studio in the sub plots of Algiers. Hafnaoui Sid, multilingual artist, devotes himself first to the study of Islamic art and Arabic calligraphy.Adobe Photoshop PDF


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