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From 2005 – 2007 Leilah Publications broadcasted live each night, Illuminati Coast to Coast, a streaming Internet radio show John F. Rychlicki III hosted immediately after Coast to Coast AM with George Noory went off the air.  Various guests would come on and chat about metaphysics, paranormal, social & political commentary, the occult, and psychology.  Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt was also a guest on Illuminati Coast to Coast.  In LEILAH PUBLICATIONS:  THE MOTHERSHIP PODCAST, Mr. Seraphim returns in a lengthy, long-winded podcast.  Seraphim discusses the publishing industry and self-publishing, technology and the changing spectrum of publishing, secret societies, the meaning of art, networking for artists, his favorite painters and what makes an artist “great,” and the background of Leilah Publications.

Check out these innovative and avant-garde artists Seraphim gives a nod to on the podcast:


MOSTAFA MOFTAH ::: Musician, artist, and impressionist photographer in Egypt ::: http://www.mostafa-moftah.com/ ::: http://youtube.com/mostafamoftah

HAMID NASIR ::: Brilliant ground-breaking artist and calligrapher in Pakistan ::: http://www.artmajeur.com/en/artist/hamidnasir/collections – THIS GUY IS INCREDIBLE!

BRIANNA ACSANI ::: Incredible Independent artist, actress, model, and revolutionary writer ::: http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-1670940291/artist.bria/photos