John F. Rychlicki III

lllSeries:  LIQUID SPACE
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Series:  Mystic, Alien Desert, Fantastic Planet   Photography & Art:  John F. Rychlicki III

John F. Rychlicki III, working also under the pen name Joshua Seraphim, attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in New Jersey, and holds a B.A. in Religious Studies and has presented with the American Academy of Religion. While studying with a Rinzai School of Zen Buddhist monks, John learned the art of Zen calligraphy – giving abstract form to the unseen force that binds all space.  Studying the full range of the world’s religious traditions from Christianity to Zen Buddhism, the Paranormal and Metaphysical, Mr. Rychlicki’s research and published writings focus on the school of syncretism.

Mr. Rychlicki is an independent scholar, theologian, & artist.  Though he prefers to talk about classic films.  He is a well-rounded Renaissance man who delves into pursuits of knowledge and mystery from the arcane to the neoteric.  “Fantastic Planet” and “Alien Desert” series Photography by John F. Rychlicki III is a visual and thematic exploration of how extra-biological entities in the starry universe would view our “alien” Fantastic Planet.  How would another being millions of light years away observe and view the strange and wondrous beings that inhabit our blue Fantastic Planet?


Fantastic Planet

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Alien Desert

Aperture: 2.4 Camera: iPod touch Iso: 80 Orientation: 1
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